“Ho visto il diavolo piangere e chiedersi dove fosse Dio.”


AU: Harry and Zayn before their wedding

Favorite Zarry fanfiction:

Rebel Child and a Preacher’s Son by blackorchids

“What’s your name, Reverend’s Son?” the new boy asks, and Harry notes that it’s deep and sounds like velvet or thick, melted chocolate. “Harry,” Harry replies, “Harry Styles.”

And then his father is walking out of the church, gripping his shoulder tightly, and pulling him away from the stranger and towards his house. His father looks furious and Harry sort of hopes it’s because he’d been disruptive during mass and not because he’d been talking to the very embodiment of everything his father hates in a young man.

AU: After photos leak of Harry and Zayn, they are forced to admit that they’re dating. They then find themselves the subjects of a lot of negative press, the unwanted attention putting a strain on their relationship.

"I can’t do it, Haz." Zayn admits.

The room had been quiet for a while, the yelling (Zayn) and crying (Harry) pushing them both towards exhaustion.  

. “I can..I can feel them all looking at me”  He says. “Judging me, judging us.”  

Harry looks up from where he’d tucked himself in the corner of the room, his arms wrapped around his knees. “What do we do?”

"There’s nothing we can do." Zayn tells him, finally letting his eyes meet those broken green ones.

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Don’t mind us

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Cause when I'm not whith you i'm weaker

Is that so wrong?

Is it so wrong? That you make me strong...

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"Nessuno stupido si avvicinerebbe al fuoco dopo aver capito che scotta. Nessuno tranne chi ha un motivo valido per scottarsi."
"Siamo come la luna durante un’eclissi. Invisibili, ma ci siamo. E brilliamo."